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Where stories are told and voices are heard. Share with us your most memorable experiences at Aii.

Aii Forum

Where stories are told and voices are heard. Share with us your most memorable experiences at Aii.

Sreytouch Eng

ESL Head Teacher

I cherish Aii not only as my workplace but also as my second home. It provides me with ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally, ethically, and passionately. Aii is the place where I have developed myself from the bottom to where I am now.

When I started my...

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Vipha Phuon

TSL Teacher

“They are always happy to share valuable lessons, which to me, is an important mechanism that motivates me to be the best version of myself.”

I have been working at Aii Language Center since 2019. At first, I was just a part-time TSL teacher, but then I bec...

Chanpisey Bun

CSL Teacher

“Thank you to Aii for giving me an opportunity to be who I am today.”

When I was in my Sophomore year at my University, I started my journey and took a challenge with my working life. I’ve been working at Aii since 2019 and it is my pride to be a CSL...

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Kimlang Em


“… it is a stepping stone to build up my confidence and communication skills. “

I started working with Aii Language Center in March 2020 as a Marketing intern. On my first day, I got a warm welcome from everyone and got an introduction of my role fro...


Aii Teacher

“I soon discovered that beyond the four walls of Aii is a heart that is always ready to take someone in.”

Day 1 and still and counting…

Two weeks after arriving in Cambodia, I found myself employed as an ESL Teacher at Aii Language Center. Fl...

Sreyna Eang

ESL Teacher

“Aii is one of the most influential institutes in Cambodia and I’m proud to be part of it.”

Working at Aii since 2016 was a great experience for me. Aii is like a home to me. From 2010 to 2012, I was a part-time student in the GEP program. I met great...

Ratana Angkea Watey Bo

Aii Teacher Assistant

“I developed a strong interpersonal skill, as I constantly collaborate with other teachers, work with students and talk to parents.”

I’ve worked at Aii Language Center Chroy Chongva Campus since October 21, 2019. It’s a great honor to be a part...

Sethvisal Pidorith

ESL Teacher

“Aii has taught me to be professional, responsible and supportive…”

I’ve been teaching at Aii for almost 6 years. The first day I started teaching at Aii, I felt proud to be one of Aii family. All the teachers and staff are professional and fri...

Noeun Phan

ESL Teacher

“Aii Language Center is one of the top echelon schools in Cambodia.”

My first day at Aii Language Center can be described as a fish out of water experience. There are countless floors and classrooms in the massive school building. I could not find the Staff...

Seryboth Eksaran Phaosery

Phsa Thmey Campus

“Aii is not just school, but home too…
Even as a part-timer, I’ve learned much more from my colleagues…”

I have been working in Aii language center for more than three (3) terms already. What I’ve gained from this instit...

Marisa Seynavy

Choam Chao Campus

“… offers educators the privileges to showcase their skills and potential in sharing sessions, workshops, and webinars”

When I decided to join the teaching profession after my graduation, Aii Language Center became my first employment. As my fir...